BF3 Freecamera was the original tool built for Battlefield 3 that removed color correction, altered lighting, allowed custom camera positions on vehicles and more. This is where BF Cinematic Tools was born from and it is still available for download with its latest version: V3 – This still was not intended to be used in ranked or Punkbuster enabled servers.

Cinematic tools for Dragon Age: Inquisition give you full control over the camera’s position, rotation and field of view. You also get access to Frostbite’s visual settings which gives you the ability to tweak color correction, depth of field, fog and other visual effects in-game.

NFS: Rivals is an open world racing video game. It is developed by Ghost Games and Criterion Games and runs on DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine. Cinematic Tools gives you the ability to control the camera and create stunning screenshots and videos. You can also freeze time and access some of Frostbite’s visual effects like Color Correction and Depth of Field to further customize your shot.