Battlefield Cinematic Tools comes with a bunch of features and we’re sure you will definitely enjoy playing with them and taking advantage of the new possibilities on your next project. Here’s a list of things that are included. If you need help with anything make sure to check the tutorial page!

Visual Environment

This tool gives you the ability to modify almost all the visuals inside Battlefield 4. Fog, Wind, Depth of Field, Color Correction, Tonemaps, Sun Position, and more. This allows you to put together and build a completely different look from the original maps that the game offers to make your project stand out.

Camera Position & Control

Get control over the ingame cameras and move them around to get the shot you desire. Here are a few key features this tool offers for camera positioning and control.

Record Camera Tracks

Record and replay custom camera tracks to get the exact same shot every time or composite them together.


Instantly switch from 1st person mode to a freecamera with a push of a button. No more joining as spectator!

Vehicle Cameras

Move the built in camera of any vehicle anywhere on it to get a cool action shot that can be easily changed.

Weapon & Bone Lock View

Lock a 1st person or spectator camera to a character’s main weapon or animation bone for a cinematic effect. 

Remove 1st Person Weapons

Become a camera on the ground and make your weapon and hands invisible to get more controllable shots.

Change Field of View

Adjust the field of view (FoV) to get a tight or wider shot without having to do any crazy tricks with weapons.